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Rhapsody Music Player
Rhapsody Music Player
Rhapsody International Inc.
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Rhapsody Music Player
Rhapsody Music Player (View in Google Play)
Developer: Rhapsody International Inc.
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Stream music, download songs and build playlists of your favorite tracks.
Listen to millions of songs on any device.

Subscribe today and discover your new music catalog!

Rhapsody Premier Features:

• Ad-free listening to any song you want
• Stream to hundreds of devices
• Download unlimited playlists and songs straight to your device for offline playback
• Find your Facebook friends on Rhapsody and search for other listeners too
• Share your playlists with the world so others can enjoy your masterpieces

Listener Testimonials:

"Rhapsody keeps getting better and better! I've been with Rhapsody for 3+ years and I still absolutely love the service. Much more features than other streaming services."

"Greatest music investment I ever did just listen to your favorite music at any time you want it's awesome"

“If you're looking for a music app where you can completely mold it's setting and variety to your liking then you've stumbled upon the PERFECT app.”

“By far my fav music app!”

“I love the ability to listen to as many songs as many times as I want with no ads. Having the ability to download albums, songs and playlist for offline listening is great.”

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