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Deity Wars
Deity Wars
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Deity Wars
Deity Wars (View in Google Play)
Developer: mobage
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DEITY WARS is the next EPIC FANTASY CARD GAME Join now and start collecting cards both BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL.

Compete to BE THE BEST in the epic world of Deity Wars.

The Dimensional Ascension of Ragna in the year 809 granted you the ability to use cards sealed with powerful creatures. From then on forward, three worlds were connected, bringing together powerful beings and mysterious cards.

Special Time Limited Offer!
★Get US$36 worth of Legend Card Packs that GUARANTEE Rare cards by reaching level 10!
* First time players only

★ “This game is insanely addicting. I can't seem to put it down. There are a large amount of uniquely different cards. So the sights aren't boring. In addition, the boss raids allow for fun battles with large amounts of players and with each one dead another possible rare card could be in your hand.”
★ “One of the best trading card games I've played.”
★ “Collect & trade new cards, advance through quests, raise your cards, fight raid bosses with your allies, compete to see who's the strongest. Words are not enough to express how addictive this is. You have to play it to believe it.”
★ “Best graphics of all the TCG games I've tried.”

★ Hundreds of beautifully illustrated manga cards dynamically change form by "evolving"
★ Boost your cards with Material treasures to make them more powerful and unique
★ Team up with friends to defeat dangerous world bosses
★ Build or join a guild and battle for the #1 spot in the world!
★ Defeat mighty enemies with your friends and acquire fabulous rewards

★ “Enhancing a card before evolving it does get you materials, but doesn't give the card a permanent bonus.”
★ “Get allies as fast as you can, and frequently check for raid bosses they're fighting so you can get free card packs for help!”

Download Deity Wars, follow the story and uncover the mysteries!
Deity Wars is powered by Mobage the best, free, social game network.

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