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Chess (View in Google Play)
Developer: holirewer
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Chess is a two-player board game which is available on your android now! You can play these games in any place and at any time. The objective of each player is to attack the opponent's king so that he won’t be left with any moves. The player who can’t defend his king is considered to be defeated. A game may also result in a draw by mutual agreement or if neither player can checkmate the opponent's king.

The game rules:
Chess is played on a chessboard with an eight-by-eight grid. The rows are labeled by the numbers 1 to 8 and the columns by the Latin letters. Squares are colored in black and white. Both players start the game with the same set of pieces placed on the board. The first move is made by the player who has the white pieces. Then the two players take turns making a move. Only one piece can be placed on a square. It is also prohibited to jump over the pieces; the exception is a move of the knight. Also there two special moves which include castling and two-square advance of the pawn. These moves can be implemented on the following terms: Castling can only be done if the king or the rook hasn’t been moved. The pawn can jump over a square occupied by the opponent’s pawn. «Eaten» piece is removed from the board. Checkmate is announced when one player's king is in check and is left with no legal moves.

Features of the game:
• possibility to play versus android system
• possibility to play with a friend on the same device
• time control
• description of the rules
• interesting game design

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