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Level Up Your Game - Injustice
Level Up Your Game - Injustice
Reepal Parbhoo
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Level Up Your Game - Injustice
Level Up Your Game - Injustice (View in Google Play)
Developer: Reepal Parbhoo
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Level Up Your Game - Injustice is an unofficial quick reference guide for Injustice:Gods Among Us (currently updated to v1.0.6). It also includes starter combos for every character in the game, including DLC characters Zatanna, Zod, Martian Manhunter, Scorpion, Batgirl and Lobo. The screenshots below show examples of all parts of the app, so be sure to check them out!

This app provides quick reference access to full movelists of all characters in the game including each character's:
* Basic Attacks
* Combo Attacks
* Special Moves (including which are usable Wake-up Attacks!) / Super Moves / Traits
* And of course, Combos and Corner combos

Additionally, the data in the Combo Attacks section improves upon what is found in the game by showing additional information for each attack string:
* Full hit ranges - ex. Mid, Low, Overhead - so its now easier to find useful mixups!
* Full string damage - So you can compare which strings will benefit you most in combos
* Startup frames of the string - Since the game only shows you the startup of the last input of the string its hard to tell how useful the string is

Once downloaded no network connectivity is required, everything you need is right within the app itself. Learning the basics of each character has never been easier!

Level Up Your Game, from the players, for the players.

Combos compiled by Ryo Kaganda

icons by Joseph Wain /
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