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# App MAU Rank DAU Rank
1 Marvel: Avengers Alliance 411 289
2 SocialCiv QA N/A N/A
3 Mobsters 2: Vendetta 30,133 38,252
4 ESPN Return Man N/A N/A
5 Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics N/A N/A
6 夢幻都市 N/A N/A
7 Pirates of the Caribbean N/A N/A
8 Pet Resort N/A N/A
9 Deep Realms N/A N/A
10 Island Life N/A N/A
11 Kick-off N/A N/A
12 Full Bloom N/A N/A
13 Threads of Mystery N/A N/A
14 Disney Animal Kingdom N/A N/A
15 Gardens of Time - Beta N/A N/A
16 RockFREE N/A N/A
17 My Vineyard N/A N/A
18 ESPN Sports Bar & Grill N/A N/A
19 Bola N/A N/A
20 Poker Palace N/A N/A
21 Super Farkle N/A N/A
22 Botkin's Hidden Cove N/A N/A
23 Disney Hidden Worlds N/A N/A
24 Youtopia N/A N/A
25 Quarters N/A N/A
26 Blackwood & Bell Mysteries N/A N/A
27 WSOP Game N/A N/A
28 Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood N/A N/A
29 ESPNU College Town N/A N/A
30 Treetopia N/A N/A
31 How Well Do You Know The Twilight Series? N/A N/A
32 (Lil) Farm Life N/A N/A
33 Armies of Magic N/A N/A
34 Fish Friends N/A N/A
35 Chivalry N/A N/A
36 Bloodlines N/A N/A
37 Fanglies N/A N/A
38 City of Wonder International N/A N/A
39 Tiki Resort N/A N/A
40 Playdom Support N/A N/A
41 Verdonia 97,889 87,254
42 Zen Garden N/A N/A
43 Galaxy of Wonder N/A N/A
44 Sorority Life N/A N/A
45 Overdrive N/A N/A
46 Big City Life N/A N/A
47 the Sindicate N/A N/A
48 (Lil) Eco Racer N/A N/A
49 海島樂園 N/A N/A
50 Mobsters: Criminal Empire N/A N/A
51 City of Wonder N/A N/A
52 Wild Ones N/A N/A
53 GnomeTown N/A N/A
54 (Lil) Style Pop N/A N/A
55 Knighthood N/A N/A
56 Market Street N/A N/A
57 Social City N/A N/A
58 NBA Dynasty N/A N/A
59 TikiFarm 40,091 51,331
60 Social City Europe N/A N/A
61 Mobsters N/A N/A
62 NBA Dynasty on N/A N/A
63 City of Wonder Mobile N/A N/A
64 (Lil) Green Patch N/A N/A
65 City of Might N/A N/A
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