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Viral, s.r.o.

# App MAU Rank DAU Rank
1 Say Hohoho! Santa Is Here N/A N/A
2 Say SMILE! A friend is thinking of you!!! N/A N/A
3 Say You Are So Beautiful N/A N/A
4 Funny Cards N/A N/A
5 Say Be My Lover N/A N/A
6 Say You Are Gorgeous! N/A N/A
7 Say I Love The World, Because You're In It! N/A N/A
8 Say Cheers! N/A N/A
9 Say You ROCK! N/A N/A
10 Say Happy Valentine's Day! N/A N/A
11 Say Sweet Kisses N/A N/A
12 Say Will You Go Out With Me? N/A N/A
13 Say Will You Marry Me? N/A N/A
14 Say A Rose For YOU N/A N/A
15 Say You Are So Sexy N/A N/A
16 Say Happy Holidays! N/A N/A
17 Say I Pray For You N/A N/A
18 Do You Like Me? N/A N/A
19 Tennis Mania N/A N/A
20 Say You Are So Funny! N/A N/A
21 Say Kiss My BOOBS! N/A N/A
22 Say I Like You N/A N/A
23 Say I Wanna Have Sex With You N/A N/A
24 Say Don't Worry, Be Happy! N/A N/A
25 Say Thanks For Adding Me! N/A N/A
26 Say I Care About You! N/A N/A
27 Say I Wanna Lick You Up N/A N/A
28 Say Bite Me!!! N/A N/A
29 Say A Flower For YOU N/A N/A
30 Say I Trust You! N/A N/A
31 Say I Wish I Were Your Neighbor N/A N/A
32 Send It N/A N/A
33 Say I Love You N/A N/A
34 Say Lets Get Naked And Dance! N/A N/A
35 Say Support Our Troops! N/A N/A
36 Say I Wanna See You Naked! N/A N/A
37 Say Congratulations! N/A N/A
38 Say Good Job! N/A N/A
39 Say Kiss My Ass N/A N/A
40 Say I'm Sorry! N/A N/A
41 Say Thank You N/A N/A
42 Say Merry Christmas N/A N/A
43 Spread Love N/A N/A
44 Say I Miss You N/A N/A
45 Say Happy Birthday!!! N/A N/A
46 Say I Wanna Be With You N/A N/A
47 Happy Halloween N/A N/A
48 Say God Bless You N/A N/A
49 Say A Smile For YOU N/A N/A
50 Say How Are You Today? N/A N/A
51 Say I'm Proud Of You N/A N/A
52 Diagnose N/A N/A
53 Say Happy New Year! N/A N/A
54 Say WTF?!?! N/A N/A
55 Say Keep Smiling! N/A N/A
56 Say Fu*k You N/A N/A
57 Say Happy Easter! N/A N/A
58 Say I wanna kiss you ... all over! N/A N/A
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