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Yoga Pro: Asanas und Übungen - ARAWELLA CORPORATION
Yoga Pro: Asanas und Übungen - ARAWELLA CORPORATION
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Yoga Pro: Asanas und Übungen - ARAWELLA CORPORATION
Yoga Pro: Asanas und Übungen - ARAWELLA CORPORATION (View in iTunes)
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$1.99 Subscription for 1 month (#1)
$29.99 Subscription for 12 months (#3)
$7.99 Subscription for 1 month (#2)
$23.99 Subscription for 12 months (#5)
$47.99 Subscription for 12 months (#4)
$28.99 Subscription for 6 months
$49.99 Individual Program
$4.99 Subscription for 3 months
More than 1,000,000 people around the world are using our yoga apps!

✭✭✭ Over 300 poses with photo, video, audio guides in HD-quality, plus 3D muscle models for EVERY pose!
✭✭✭ Pranayama: over 30 breathing exercises with detailed how-to guides, so you do it right from the very beginning!
✭✭✭ Over 40 ready-made yoga programs and the option to create your own!
✭✭✭ Creation and selection of programs according to your specified parameters!
✭✭✭ Live Support: right in the app for FREE!

- Loaded with over 300 poses, each featuring photo, video, and audio guides.
- 3D muscle models available for every pose.
- Retina iPhone 4 graphics.

- Over 30 breathing exercises for each level!
- 4 breathing programs for relaxation and meditation!

- Available for all levels, from beginners to gurus.
- Suitable for all goals: health, body shape, stretching, breathing, de-stressing, etc.

- Offers users options for quick and simple creation of custom programs: set the order and duration of poses.
- Edit the ready-made programs of the app!

- A detailed audio guide, photos, and a timer of pose duration.
- Video of the pose, to see how it’s done before doing it.

- 20 yoga programs designed to help you improve your health!
- Our professional yoga teachers will create a custom program, designed just for you!
- 10 music tracks for working out and 10 relaxation tracks.
- Options to add your own poses to the database
- Ability to send custom poses and programs to your friends' devices

- Multiple profiles: a user's data and programs are stored in their personal profile.
- Download yoga content separately and upload it to the app through iTunes!
- Resting periods at the end of each program: choose one of 3 tracks and set the duration.
- Sound timer for transition from one pose to another.
- 6 tracks for working out and the ability to add a track from your iPod list!
- Share your yoga successes with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!
- Workout history in a colorful calendar with motivational, yoga-related quotes!

NOTE: We really appreciate your feedback, but unfortunately, we cannot respond to your reviews on the App Store. Please, contact us directly from our support page if you have any questions. Many thanks!
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