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Réveil Intelligent (Pro) - ARAWELLA CORPORATION
Réveil Intelligent (Pro) - ARAWELLA CORPORATION
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Réveil Intelligent (Pro) - ARAWELLA CORPORATION
Réveil Intelligent (Pro) - ARAWELLA CORPORATION (View in iTunes)
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In-App Purchases
$1.99 Custom mode
$2.99 Guided meditation
$0.99 Relaxation sounds: Nature
$2.99 Full Package
$7.99 Special offer
$6.99 Binaural beats & Meditation
$0.99 Cheerful Awakening: Nature
$2.99 Binaural beats
$0.99 Cheerful Awakening: Urban
$15.99 Buy All Music Packages
More than 1,000,000 people around the world are using our Smart Alarm apps!

Now FULL functionality in BACKGROUND mode!

✭✭✭ Smart Alarm Clock monitors your sleep cycles to calculate your perfect wake-up time!
✭✭✭ Records noises while you sleep: especially convenient to track snoring* and other sleep rhythms.
✭✭✭ 20 special wake-up and chill-out tunes.
✭✭✭ Provides detailed statistics: duration of each sleep phase, time of disturbance, playback of recorded disturbances.
✭✭✭ Option to use binaural beats and guided meditation audios as chill-out tracks

Smart Alarm Clock ensures a healthy sleep and a gentle wake-up.

To feel satisfied and energized during the day you need to wake up at the time when your body’s awakening threshold is at its minimum: during your REM (rapid eye movement) cycle.

Smart Alarm Clock not only monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up at the best time, but it also registers any noise disturbances that interrupt your healthy sleep patterns.


- The unique STrack 2.0© algorithm precisely monitors and registers the various cycles and phases of your good night’s rest.
- Smart Alarm Clock will wake you up at the best moment within your desired time frame.
- Multiple wake-up modes, so you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

- Smart Alarm Clock monitors and records all noises that disturb your night’s sleep*
- You can play back all recordings and use this information to optimize your sleeping environment*

- 20 special tunes for chilling out and waking up: choose from various music genres and sounds of nature.
- Add your own tracks from your iPod playlist.

- Convenient visualization of all stats in easy-to-read graph format.
- Use the multi-touch function to view graphs and zoom in.
- Play back all recorded noise disturbances*

- Alarm mode with weather gadget (available as an in-app purchase)
- Ability to preview and buy chillout and wake-up tracks
- Use podcasts, audio-books, and all other audio formats of your iPod as wake-up and chill-out tunes.
- High-res Retina display graphics
- Sensitivity settings: allows use on hard mattresses
- Logging of sleep phases and cycles available for iPod
- Snooze may be activated either by shaking or pressing the button
- The wake-up alarm is accompanied by vibration
- 2 time formats: AM/PM and 24-hour clock.
- The display on iPhone/iPod fades to save your battery power.
- Share your stats through Facebook, Twitter, email!

*Function is not available on iPods of previous generations (iPods older than the 4th generation).
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