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 Emoji - Unlock 460+ emoticons
 Emoji - Unlock 460+ emoticons
Niche Application LLC
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 Emoji - Unlock 460+ emoticons
 Emoji - Unlock 460+ emoticons (View in iTunes)
Developer: Niche Application LLC
Game Center: No
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This app unlocks the emoji keyboard and enables 460+ emoji icons on iPhone and iPod touch.

✓ Works with iPhone and iPod touch
✓ Works with OS 3.1.3, 3.1.2, 3.1.1, 3.1, 3.0, 2.2.1, 2.2

What a  day Let's go surfing 
Yuck  I just crossed path with a giant rat 
Sweet!  Did you take a  with 
How much you  singing 

 Want a keyboard that lets you type expressive messages with cool Emoji icons such as above? Download this app now and unlock Emoji Keyboard on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

 What's Emoji
Emoji are the picture characters or emoticons used on mobile phones. Do you know there are more than 460 emoticons build into iPhone/iPod touch? Once unlocked, they can be used in Messages (SMS, MMS), Mail, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Skype, Beejive IM, Tweetie and any other application that deals with text!
   
   
   

 How to unlock Emoji Keyboard
1. Open this app and turn on switch "Emoji Keyboard"
2. Quit this app, go to Settings > General > International > Keyboards > Japanese and turn on switch "Emoji"
3. To use Emoji in Mail, Messages, Notes and any other application, tap on the world/globe key on the normal keyboard to show the Emoji keyboard

 IMPORTANT: Please note that Emoji icons will be displayed correctly only on iPhone and iPod touch with OS 2.2 or above. If you send SMS/email with Emoji characters to your friends who use devices other than iPhone/iPod touch (PC, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.), they won't see Emoji icons because it's not standardized across platforms yet.
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