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Springpad’s smart notebooks make it easy to save, share, and get things done. Use it for yourself, collaborate with others, or create public notebooks to share.

Use it for yourself:
- Save your ideas, notes and tasks, then access them from all your devices.
- Clip recipes and access the ingredients while you’re grocery shopping.
- Collect products you want and receive alerts for when they go on sale.
- Springpad makes it easy to save - snap photos, record audio notes, scan barcodes, save via GPS, and much more...

Collaborate with others:
- Family - Save movies you want to see on date night in a notebook with your spouse.
- Friends - Invite your book club to a notebook to share ideas for next month’s read.
- Co-workers - Collect industry articles or important resources in a notebook with your team at work.
- Receive updates when others comment on the things you save.

Create public notebooks to share:
- Share your collection of the best vegan dessert recipes.
- Make a notebook of recommendations for the best restaurants in your city.
- Build a catalogue of the must-read articles for your industry.
- You can also explore and follow notebooks from other users in the Springpad community.

Whatever you’re saving, Springpad enhances your items with reviews, showtimes, maps, price comparisons, and more! Plus, your data syncs instantly, so you can access it any time on your phone, tablet, and on the web at

Also available on the web:
- Everything you save is automatically synced to the web and available at
- Install the Springpad web clipper or browser extension to easily save bookmarks, recipes, products or anything else while you browse the web.

Learn more:
- More about Springpad:
- Get Support:
- Twitter:
- Facebook:
- Contact us:
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