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Santa Tracker 2012: 25 Days of Christmas
Santa Tracker 2012: 25 Days of Christmas
Talus Media LLC
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Santa Tracker 2012: 25 Days of Christmas
Santa Tracker 2012: 25 Days of Christmas (View in iTunes)
Developer: Talus Media LLC
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To help Santa by adding responding to his messages or adding to his list, go to the iPhone Settings, scroll to the bottom, and you will see the Santa Tracker app, click it and you can customize all the responses.


Santa Tracker is the same tool Santa uses to monitor his sleigh's systems and communicate with children around the world and the North Pole. This app will make you want to believe again!

Track Santa around the globe via GPS on our 3D globe just like NORAD. Read his blogs, text him yourself, or even show your kid's if they're on the nice list.

"This app is sweet! My kids love it and keep bugging me to find out where Santa might be. The graphics are great, and I think the storyline is original, really a great job for the price!"



-GPS Santa Tracking
Track Santa using a 3D globe or sonar as he travels to thousands of cities across the world on Christmas Eve. Like the NORAD Santa Tracker, use real-time GPS, see yourself in relation to his sleigh and follow his route on the big night! Comes complete with a unique countdown timer, realistic sound effects and beautifully rendered imagery.

-North Pole Blog
Keep up-to-date with the happenings at the North Pole with over 75 blog posts as you follow a unique and in-depth storyline from tons of Christmas friends like Santa, Mrs. Claus, Jack Tupp –Head Elf Mechanic, Hammer – Head Toy Production Manager, Snowman, the Gingerbread Man and many more.

-Santa's List
View Santa's official nice list. You have control over which list your kid's are on. Better not pout, better not shout...

-Santa Text
Find out the answers to some of your most lingering Christmas questions by texting Santa throughout the season or even on the big night! He’ll even write you back!

-Countdown Timer
Let your kids know exactly how long until Santa delivers his presents with our unique countdown timer.

-World Population and Educational Map!
Our map will teach your kids the location and population of thousands of cities across the globe.

Extra Features:
-Double tap the globe to transform it...
-On the globe screen, turn the phone to the side to display a flat military map.
-Touch the i icon to bring up Santa's agreement letter with Talus Media.
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