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Spaced (News, Video & Images)
Spaced (News, Video & Images)
Steven Waterfall
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Spaced (News, Video & Images)
Spaced (News, Video & Images) (View in iTunes)
Developer: Steven Waterfall
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Spaced is a beautiful, easy-to-use app that is one of the premier resources for space enthusiasts and curious minds alike. With Spaced, you can view the latest news from the space industry wherever you are. See stunning high-definition images and videos, follow major space missions, and much much more...

Key Features
• Latest news from NASA and Universe Today.
• Stunning high-res images from NASA's Astronomy Photo of the Day and Image of the Day galleries.
• Videos from major space channels including NASA, UK Space Agency, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and more.
• Mission Tracker helps you keep up-to-date with major space missions including Mars Science Laboratory and James Webb Space Telescope.
• Watch NASA TV live — now with full programming schedule for the day!
• My Collection — Save articles, videos and images; seamlessly synced to your other devices with iCloud!
• Full archive of all news articles, APODs and IOTDs.
• Solar activity panel — high-res images of the Sun plus fascinating data including solar wind speed, temperature, density & pressure.
• See the current exoplanet count, next scheduled launch, and data for the next Near Earth Object (NEO) that will be approaching us.

But wait, there's more!

• Native Twitter and Facebook support lets you easily share articles, videos and images with your friends.
• Push notifications that can be individually toggled on/off for new articles, videos, images, mission updates and more.
• Better caching allowing for faster browsing of the app and limited access even when no Internet connection is available.
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