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Developer: Craig Scott
Game Center: No
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$3.99 Early Access
[iThoughts] is among the best we’ve ever tested -

iThoughtsHD is a mind mapping tool for the iPad. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch then please check out iThoughts.

**Educational Discount Available**

Mindmapping enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information.

Typical Uses:

      • Task lists.
      • Brainstorming.
      • Project planning.
      • Goal setting.
      • Concept mapping.
      • Course Notes/Revision.
      • Meeting Notes.


• Import and export to and from many of the most popular desktop applications
      • MyThoughts 1.3.3 (Mac)
      • Freemind/Freeplane
      • Novamind 4 / 5
      • MindManager (6 and later)
      • XMind 3
      • iMindmap 4 / 5
      • Mindview 3 / 4 (Windows only)
      • ConceptDraw MINDMAP 6 / 7
      • MindGenius (3.71 and later)
      • OPML (OmniOutliner, Scrivener etc.)
• Export PDF and PNG (+HTML) versions of your ideas.
• Export Outlook CSV task lists.
• Import TAB indented text files.
      • Export Markdown format.

• Plays nicely with other services:
• Cloud synchronisation with Dropbox/
• Create and Open email attachments in all supported formats.
• Save maps to the Camera Roll (and then paste the image into other apps.)
• Send maps to other Apps (e.g. iBooks, GoodReader etc.)
• Present your ideas on the big screen using an external projector (VGA output.)
• Cut/Copy/Paste within and between maps and other applications (such as Mail, Safari and Notes)
• Hyperlinking Topics (link to websites, other maps or documents in GoodReader etc.)
• Download community generated maps from and

• Task Management:
      • Attach task management information to topics (start/due date, effort, progress and resources)
      • Assign priorities to topics.
      • Optional 'At a Glance' task attributes badge.
      • Create email task reports (by project, by resource)
      • Export task information to Outlook and ToodleDo (also import from Outlook)
      • Hide completed tasks

• Advanced Mindmap Features:
      • Multiple topic options
       • Colour
       • Shape
       • Images/Icons
       • Notes
       • Hyperlinks
       • Callout/floating
       • Boundaries
       • Auto-numbering

      • Over 90 builtin icons, 46 clipart images and 30 background canvas patterns.
      • Create relationships between topics.
      • Hide topics which are not 'in focus' (great for presentations.)
      • Expand/Collapse branches to keep things manageable.
      • Rainbow colour scheme (auto colours based on position of topic relative to the centre.)
      • Drag and drop topics and branches - then reattach, merge or 'float' them.
      • Organize your maps into folders
      • Create new maps 'based on' (existing maps, clipboard, selected branch)
      • Mark maps as read-only
      • Keyboard shortucts and TextExpander integration for fast brainstorming.
      • Search for maps by name.

• Additional Features (InApp Purchase - Extras2012):
      • Multiple layouts (horizontal, vertical, fishbone etc.)
      • Multiple link styles (curved, tapered, right angled etc.)
      • Search (within and across maps)
      • Passcode protection

Please visit the website for more information, screenshots and videos.
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