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Palringo Group Messenger Premium - UPDATE ONLY!
Palringo Group Messenger Premium - UPDATE ONLY! (View in iTunes)
Developer: Palringo Limited
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
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In-App Purchases
$4.99 Premium Account
$2.99 Premium Group
$0.99 Welcome Bot
$0.99 Love Pack
$1.99 Image Bot
$1.99 Auto Post Bot
$0.99 Arabic Hangman Bot
$1.99 Video Bot
$1.99 Romance Pack
$2.99 300 Credits

الرجاء عدم شراء النسخة المدفوعه من البرنامج (الرجاء استخدام النسخة المجانيه من التطبيق متوفرة من هنا)

Please use 'Palringo Group Messenger' (our free app), available here;

This version of Palringo is for UPDATES ONLY.

If you are not updating DO NOT purchase this application.

We strongly encourage all of our users to download to our Free Version, as Palringo Group Messenger Premium will no longer be receiving updates.

Thank You.