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Christmas Tree Maker
Christmas Tree Maker
Sunstorm Interactive
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Christmas Tree Maker
Christmas Tree Maker (View in iTunes)
Developer: Sunstorm Interactive
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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, thy candles shine so brightly! It’s that time of year again… A time to Deck the Halls, bring Joy to the World, and oh yes, decorate the tree!  With Christmas Tree Maker, you can decorate to your heart’s content with items for the most creative and visionary decorators.
First, select a background and tree that suit each other.
Next, you may need a tree skirt- if you chose an indoor background. 
Lights, lights, and more lights!  A tree wouldn’t be the same without sparkling, twinkling lights!  Choose from elegant white to every color under the rainbow!  Place them on the tree one at a time for a customized light job, or string them on the more traditional way.  Some may like their lit up tree to blink; we didn’t miss a thing!
Don’t forget the garland! By now, your tree will be a shining example of Winter Wonderland, and we haven’t even gotten to the ornaments or balls yet, so save room!
Next, choose from a selection of different shapes, sizes, and colors of balls! 
Now, decide which style of ornaments you want to add to the tree- from candy canes to homemade gingerbread men to country style to elegant. There is something for everyone’s taste
Finally, top off your amazing tree with an angel, a star, or a Santa, just to name a few.  Strategically place beautifully wrapped gifts underneath to bring the Christmas spirit to life!
Now, it’s time to show off your decorating talents by posting the tree on Facebook or emailing it to a friend!  Don’t forget to save it in the barn so you can admire it later!  With the endless cheer and good will Christmas Tree Maker will bring, you’re sure to have a barn-ful of Christmas trees acquired!
This FREE version of Christmas Tree Maker includes a SAMPLING of Christmas tree decorating items.  If you want access to ALL of the items, you will NOT see them in the FREE version. Feel free to try out the sampling (free version) because that’s what it is- a sampling.  IF you love it and want more, you have to BUY Master Christmas Tree Maker from inside the App in the Supply Store Shop.
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