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Glamour (View in iTunes)
Developer: Condé Nast Digital
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$1.99 Glamour
$19.99 Glamour
$3.99 July 2014
$3.99 August 2014
$3.99 January 2012
$3.99 February 2012
$3.99 May 2012
$3.99 December 2013
$3.99 June 2014
$3.99 April 2012
Download the November issue of Glamour, starring Jessica Chastain, and get tons of digital-only perks—tap-to-buy shopping, exclusive videos with Coco Rocha, Hillary Rhoda and more, Lena Dunham reading from her new book, behind-the-scenes photos from our editors, the Glamour book club, and more!

If you purchased a subscription to Glamour that includes both the monthly print magazine and access to the digital edition on your iPad, just download the app today to start enjoying Glamour! Don't have a digital subscription? You can subscribe to get the complete magazine on your iPad. Each month you’ll get the inside scoop on Glamour's cover star, along with fashion and beauty advice, career tips, health news, and relationship know-how in an easy-to-read format. Single issues are also available for purchase.

Download your November Glamour now! Inside, Jessica Chastain talks about keeping it real: “I don’t need to sell myself to be an actor." Plus: 363 style shortcuts, a month of bold Dos & Don’ts, success secrets of self-made tech superstars, what women learned from the worst guy they ever dated, and more. Also in our digital edition, just for tablet readers: tap-to-buy shopping picks for fall and beyond; Lena Dunham reads from her new book; exclusive videos with Coco Rocha and Karlie Kloss; behind-the-scenes photos from our editors; the Glamour book club; and more.

Subscriptions available:
1-month subscription for $1.99, automatically renewed until canceled
1-year subscription for $19.99, automatically renewed until canceled
SUBSCRIBERS' AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE—Monthly subscribers: Your subscription will automatically continue, and your credit card will automatically be charged monthly as long as you remain a subscriber. Annual subscribers: Your credit card will automatically
be charged annually as long as you remain a subscriber. For all subscriptions: Your credit card will automatically be charged for another subscription period unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. All subscriptions will automatically renew until canceled.
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