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Glamour (View in iTunes)
Developer: CondeNet
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$1.99 Glamour
$19.99 Glamour
$3.99 February 2013
$3.99 January 2012
$3.99 February 2012
$3.99 May 2012
$3.99 April 2012
$3.99 June 2012
$3.99 March 2012
$3.99 January 2013
Download the May 2014 issue of Glamour, starring Scarlett Johansson, and get tons of digital-only perks—tap-to-buy shopping, our special Mad Men send-off, style lessons from a Hollywood legend, exclusive video with Bella Thorne, the Glamour book club, and more!

If you purchased a subscription to Glamour that includes both the monthly print magazine and access to the digital edition on your iPad, just download the app today to start enjoying Glamour! Don't have a digital subscription? You can subscribe to the digital edition to get the complete magazine on your iPad. Each month you’ll get the inside scoop on Glamour's cover star, along with fashion and beauty advice, career tips, health news, and relationship know-how in an easy-to-read format. Single issues are also available for purchase.

Download your May Glamour now! Inside, Scarlett Johansson is savvy about life, sane about love, and super-heroically all grown-up. Oh, and please don’t call her ScarJo. Also exclusively in our digital edition: candid video with Bella Thorne, guaranteed-to-impress cocktail recipes for your Mad Men viewing parties, tap-to-buy shopping picks for your closet and your office, the Glamour Book Club (featuring an excerpt from Emily Giffin’s much-anticipated new novel!), and more.
Subscriptions available:
1-month subscription for $1.99, automatically renewed until canceled
1-year subscription for $19.99, automatically renewed until canceled
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