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$19.99 WebDAV File Transfer
TechnoLawyer named TrialPad the #1 New Product of 2011!
Named "The Best Trial Presentation App" with an A+ TechnoScore by LitigationWorld!

If you are looking for an app that will change the way you practice law – welcome to TrialPad! TrialPad has become the standard by which all other presentation tools are measured and is the #1 trial presentation and legal file management app for your iPad.

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“ the industry leader.”
“Others may be less expensive or offer alternative pricing plans but TrialPad currently has them beat.”
“TrialPad is the perfect case organizer and presenter.”
“TrialPad is one of the most complete and high tech presentation systems designed for lawyers and it is available right on your iPad.”
“...given the attention to detail in the user interface, highlight readability, split screen feature, multi-callout functions, and the rest, $89.99 is certainly worth the cost of the app.”
“...TrialPad has executed [callouts] flawlessly.”
“TrialPad offers the best parts of a full blown laptop/desktop trial presentation system in a simple-to-use package at a fraction of the cost.”
“The short review. Wow.”
“I have saved several times the cost of the software because of the reduced need for blown-up exhibits.”
“For anybody doing any amount of trial work...TrialPad is a must have application.”
“What’s really important is that TrialPad’s maker, Lit Software gets [lawyers]...”
“[TrialPad's video editing] is a killer feature...”
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◆ Full electronic courtroom presentation capability on an iPad
◆ Present wirelessly with AppleTV (requires iPad 2 or later)
◆ Make multiple callouts from documents or depositions
◆ Highlight, annotate, redact, and zoom in on your documents
◆ View documents side-by-side, comparing pages
◆ Add exhibit stickers to documents
◆ Create reports of all your evidence with exhibit numbers
◆ Simple import process via Dropbox, WebDAV, email, iTunes, Photos app, or other iPad apps
◆ Backup your case files and share with another TrialPad user
◆ Edit video clips, or take snapshots of frames of surveillance video
◆ Create Key Docs with saved annotations and callouts, then print or email them with the annotations
◆ Have your expert mark up an exhibit and save it as a Key Doc for closing
◆ Use the whiteboard tool to draw freehand
◆ Easily create separate case and witness folders
◆ All the important tools found in a desktop presentation program
◆ No need for cumbersome trial boards
◆ File formats supported: Adobe Acrobat PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, Multi-Page TIF, and TXT
◆ Also imports all audio and video file formats supported by iPad


Makes your document management more efficient, and your presentation more dynamic. This app was developed by litigation professionals, and tailored to be used by litigators, trial teams, and litigation support staff as well as expert witnesses, in any judicial or quasi-judicial fora.

Organize all your exhibits on your computer, and then easily import multiple files at once into TrialPad, with your folder and file structure intact, via Dropbox or WebDAV. Also import documents from email, Photos app, iTunes, or from other iPad apps. Then simply plug-and-play in court via VGA, HDMI, or wirelessly (requires iPad 2 or later and AppleTV)!

Pre-annotate and organize evidence into witness or issue folders, or create highlights and annotations on-the-fly. Zoom in on important areas, create multiple callouts on-the-fly, or compare two documents side-by-side!

Export your annotated documents back to Dropbox or WebDAV, email them to co-counsel, or print them directly from TrialPad to your wireless printer.


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