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Racing Penguin, Flying Free - by Top Free Games
Racing Penguin, Flying Free - by Top Free Games
Top Free Games
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Racing Penguin, Flying Free - by Top Free Games
Racing Penguin, Flying Free - by Top Free Games (View in iTunes)
Developer: Top Free Games
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$9.99 Super Penguin
$19.99 Kids Mode
$1.99 3 Super Fishes
$19.99 50 Super Fishes
$4.99 Penguin Girl
$6.99 15 Super Fishes
$29.99 Magic Penguin
$1.99 Bonus Star
$0.99 No Ads
$24.99 30 Bonus Stars
Racing Penguin (or Flying Penguin) is a physics based slide and fly game!

Slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings to fly.

Go as fast as you can to escape from the polar bear.

5 addicting worlds, 40 racing levels.

Clear levels to earn stars - the faster you go, the more stars you get.

Use your stars to unlock new worlds!

Multiplayer! You can challenge your friends!

Get it while it is FREE!

● What our players are saying

- If it where a $10 game I would buy it. I can play it everyday for the rest of my life

- This is the funnest mobile game in the history of mobile games

- This game was so much fun I lost my job and my wife left me. I sure hope they will reimburse me for my life.

- Fantabulous. Hide this one from the kids, you're gonna want to spend some quality
time playing this one yourself

- This game changed my life

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