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Emoji' - iDeviceApps
Emoji' - iDeviceApps
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Emoji' - iDeviceApps
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Developer: iDeviceApps
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iPostcode™ is the perfect tool for exploring the postcodes in your immediate vicinity. Simply load the App and it will locate your iPhone and the nearest postcodes to you.

With the ability to search any of the 1.6 million UK postcodes (Internet connection required), iPostcode™ will always be able to orientate you to your surroundings.

The alternate List View displays the selection of nearest postcodes with the distance displayed. Want directions? Simply tap the Postcode Pin, or Postcode item and you will get turn by turn directions from the native Map App.

iPostcode™ has the following great features:

- Near instantaneous GPS Location search with the iPhone's Location Services.
- Rapid recall of nearest postcodes with beautifully animated pin drops.
- Current Address Popup.
- Any Postcode Search.
- Map, Satellite or Hybrid Map View.
- Variable number of Postcodes displayed (5 - 50).

iPostcode™ can be used for the following scenarios.

- Finding out which location (with Current Address Popup) you are currently at.
- Getting directions to a certain postcode.
- House hunting.
- Locating a restaurant with just a postcode.
- Viewing household density of a location

Any feature requests or problems, please do not use the App Review system. E-mail me a support question.
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