GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer - digital personal training
GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer - digital personal training
GAIN Fitness
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GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer - digital personal training
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$29.99 Strength Trainer 18 Pack Bundle
$5.99 Basketball Pro Trainer
$5.99 The Road Warrior Trainer
$2.99 Kettlebells
$16.99 Butterfly Yoga + 4 Pack Bundle
$6.99 Butterfly Yoga Trainer
$2.99 Advanced Core
$2.99 Advanced Abs
$2.99 Exercise Bands
$2.99 Extreme Biceps
GAIN Fitness: Join the Personal Training Revolution.

Our app takes world-class trainers and places them conveniently in your pocket.

The free version, GAIN Strength, builds personalized workout programs from 350+ exercises and a variety of popular training styles - strength training, plyometrics, calisthenics and yoga. Workouts are algorithmically tailored to your fitness level, goal, equipment and schedule (in real-time). Features include:

• WORKOUT MODE - Our award-winning, multimedia experience coaches you through each exercise, rep and rest with HD motion images, voice commands and form cues spoken by real trainers. Works seamlessly with your music player of choice.

• WORKOUT REMIX - Modify sets, reps, rests and exercises down to the finest detail.

• WORKOUT SHARE - Text, Tweet, or email customized workouts to friends, workout buddies or training clients.

• PROGRESS TRACKING - Track every set, rep, weight and rest time. It’s so simple, you may not even notice it.

• GAIN PLAN - Pick your workout days and our innovative calendar tool will build a balanced program and keep you on track. We'll even send you text reminders when it’s workout time and track your Workout Streak to keep you motivated and accountable.

• WORKOUT HISTORY - View historical workout logs, including day/time you worked out and detailed set and rep data. Ditch the data entry and always know where you stand.

• PREMIUM PACKS - Grab upgrades for $5 - $10 and get endless workout variety and elite training advice. Our trainers will push you through workouts and coach you on proper form. It’s the only place you’ll have access to top fitness experts for such a small price.

What, you read this far? We figured you downloaded GAIN and broke a sweat by now. It’s time to get off your rump and transform your lifestyle with GAIN Fitness: The #1 Personal Training App.
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