FontBook™ – The Original Typeface Compendium, est. 1989
FontBook™ – The Original Typeface Compendium, est. 1989
FSI FontShop International GmbH
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FontBook™ – The Original Typeface Compendium, est. 1989
FontBook™ – The Original Typeface Compendium, est. 1989 (View in iTunes)
Developer: FSI FontShop International GmbH
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For over 20 years, FontBook™ has been the definitive source for researching and comparing original, professional-quality fonts. The FontBook Editorial Staff guarantees typographic and lexicographical competence of the highest order. In addition to documenting and classifying the typefaces of past centuries, we now use live, over-the-air updates to keep the data set up-to-date by adding new content releases on a regular basis (available with version 2.0+).

FontBook is the world’s most comprehensive reference on digital typography. It documents the work of 118 renowned international type foundries, representing 1650 type designers, constituting 35,000 fonts from 8050 font families (status: April 2012). The FontBook app presents this selection through 700,000 typeface samples which can be intuitively spread out, searched, layered, moved, scrolled and combined like a collection of maps.

Five gateways intive you to delve into the world of typography visually, i.e. by Class, Foundry, Designer, Year or Name. A quick text search takes you directly to the font families, foundries or designers that you’re looking for. As of version 2.0, the app also features specially curated Font Lists which help you to search for fonts by practical and stylistic criteria, for example by use-case, genre, stylistic period, similarity or popularity. Two types of bookmarks serve as helpful tools for compiling lists of favorite fonts and / or comparing your chosen typefaces using customizable sample words and colored backgrounds. You can also share FontBook samples by posting them to Twitter or Facebook directly from the app, or by mailing them or saving them to your personal photo album.
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