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Pirates In Love
Pirates In Love
Voltage inc.
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Pirates In Love
Pirates In Love (View in iTunes)
Developer: Voltage inc.
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$3.99 Russell Main Story
$3.99 Eduardo Main Story
$3.99 Nathan Main Story
$3.99 Morgan Main Story
$3.99 Thomas Main Story
$2.99 Valentine Kingdom Spin-off
$3.99 Alan Main Story
$1.99 Russell Epilouge
$3.99 Christopher Main Story
$1.99 Eduardo Epilogue
A million pounding hearts!
The popular game “Pirates in Love” released by Voltage, the No. 1 love simulation game brand in Japan, and its English version, will finally be on the market!

"Pirates in Love" is the first title of Voltage Romance Sims.

You accidentally become a member of the pirate group, Sirius, and sail away on a voyage for treasure with 6 pirates.
You are the only woman on board!
There will be duels over you, or you will be spending the night with one of them on an uninhabited island…!
You are going to have feelings during the course of some exciting days….
What will you reap at the end? …blinding treasure, or…sweet love!?

Charming characters
A sincere & confident fencer ‘Russell’, a super sadistic mate ‘Eduardo’, a mild-mannered doctor ‘Christopher’ or an unfriendly chef ‘Nathan’, etc.
They’re all unique and attractive!

You can have different endings, depending on your choices. The endings vary depending on what you have chosen from the lists of reactions given in the story

If you choose the right answer, you can get very close to him quickly!!
Two different endings are waiting for you -- ‘Happy ending’ or ‘Super happy ending’.
It’s all up to you how the game ends!

The numerous illustrations are beautiful and dramatic!
You can pick illustrations from any of the stories, from the album, and use them for your standby display.

- You can play the Prologue for free.
You can play the Main Story (total 16 episodes) for $3.99.

This app is designed for iPhone 4 /4S and iPhone 3Gs.
(Not compatible with iPhone 3G,iPad,iPad2 and iPod touch)

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*It won't charge you again.

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