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My Measures & Dimensions PRO
My Measures & Dimensions PRO
SIS d.o.o.
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My Measures & Dimensions PRO
My Measures & Dimensions PRO (View in iTunes)
Developer: SIS d.o.o.
Game Center: No
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MacWorld Editors Choice 5★ rating
US AppStore Staff Favorite

My Measures and Dimension PRO is a powerful application for storing and sharing object dimensions for iPhone and iPad!

Apple staff favorite in many countries!
Top in Productivity category!

Absolutely outstanding ★★★★★(by Robert E.)
I use your app for my estimating and fabrication jobs. This is a great program, I cannot begin to tell you how useful this is for my line of work. A lot of people take pictures to reference to. But this program let's you add the dimensions in the pictures. It would be great if you were able to add notes as well. This program changes my iPod touch from a toy to a very useful tool

Love this app ★★★★★ (by chimbleysweep)
My wife and I recently bought a house, and I can't tell you just how useful this app is.

Perfect :) ★★★★★ (by lengbrecht)
I'm a contractor, and can't tell you how many times I needed this app… Thanks so much, well worth the price.

A must have tool for all real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers...

All you have to do is take a photo of an object you wish to store dimensions of. Then you add dimensions: arrows, angels and text. Now your measures are stored and you can see and share them anytime anywhere.

✓ store dimensions on a photo
✓ add arrows, angles and text
✓ organize photos/files in folders
✓ easy multiple folder and file sharing
✓ fractions are supported in "inch" unit
✓ export photo with dimension to photo library
✓ send photo with dimensions via email
✓ supported portrait and landscape orientation
✓ backup, restore or migrate entire library
✓ metric and imperial units: meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, feet and yards and fractions!

**Tip: To use fractions in your dimension you have to choose inch unit. Example one: 2 1/4" Press number two then press decimal separator (dot), press number one and press fraction separator / (slash - same button where dot was) and then press number four. If you don't need leading inches just begin with zero instead of number two.
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