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Island Empire(Deluxe)
Island Empire(Deluxe)
Kevin Yang
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Island Empire(Deluxe)
Island Empire(Deluxe) (View in iTunes)
Developer: Kevin Yang
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$4.99 60 Gems
$19.99 275 Gems
$9.99 125 Gems
$49.99 700 Gems
$99.99 1500 Gems
$1.99 22 Gems
$0.99 10 Gems
The deluxe version grants you a free Legendary Hero when you register your first account on that device.

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After crossing the ocean over the course of several months, you’ve finally arrived in the new land to establish a prosperous colony.

You’ll have to collect natural resources, construct buildings and hire Heroes to lead the way in your conquest of the high seas in Island Empire.

Will your legacy be one of bloody aggression or peaceful diplomacy? Along the way you’ll make friends and enemies, trade precious resources, and wage deadly wars.

Island Empire Features:
- Play in an online world with thousands of players
- Establish and manage multiple colonies
- Find and gather unique resources on each island
- Global and League live chat system
- Recruit, customize and cultivate powerful Heroes

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