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Tayo the Little Bus's Garage Game
Tayo the Little Bus's Garage Game
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Tayo the Little Bus's Garage Game
Tayo the Little Bus's Garage Game (View in iTunes)
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Go play the Garage Game with Tayo the Little Bus!
 ‘Tayo the Little Bus's Garage Game’ is an educational entertainment application.
Children can virtually visit the parts of the garage in the TV animation ‘Tayo the Little Bus’ including the central garage, repair shop, car wash, charging station, and video education center through participating in various mini games and activities.
You can move to specific destinations to enjoy parts of the game if you select the practice mode on the main menu and you can issue a driver’s license and experience the full realistic game if you select the start mode.

 -Main functions and activities-
1. Repair shop : replace parts, fill up the tires
2. Car wash : soap, water, wipe water off from the windows
3. Charging station : charge CNG, charge engine oil
4. Video education center : traffic safety quiz
5. Drawing : color pictures of Tayo, draw pictures
6. Driver’s license : issue a driver’s license, choose a license, collect badges, check for level-up

Play the fun Garage Game with Tayo the cute little bus and enjoy a fun filled adventure!

Produced by: ICONIX entertainment Inc.
Developed by: LG U+, greySox 
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