Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
Andres Canella
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Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
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Developer: Andres Canella
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"If you suck at getting up in the morning, this "merciless alarm clock" will quickly earn its subtitle by your bedside." - LifeHacker

Wake N Shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock destroys tiredness quickly by forcing you to shake the iPhone like crazy to shut off its alarm.

Wake N Shake is designed for those situations when you need to wake up and be ready quickly:

★ An early job interview
★ Late night. Have to wake up in a few hours
★ A final exam
★ Going jogging early in the morning
★ Taking a power nap
★ Getting in the habit of waking up early

When the alarm goes off, you can't lower the volume and you can't shut it off by simply hitting the home button. There isn't even a snooze button to save your life. Your only way out is to shake the iPhone. Merciless, as the name implies.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock isn't designed to replace your daily alarm (unless you want the extra power every morning). But for those times when you really need a powerful wake up, There's no better app than Wake N Shake.

★ Wake N Shake Alarm Clock Power Features ★
- Merciless shake function like you’ve never experienced in an alarm before
- Sleep Music with Timer: doze off with your own music
- Quick Naps: start a power nap with a single tap
- Integrated Flashlight
- 24 creative alarm sounds
- Volume Fade-In
- Nightstand Mode

Additional Features:
- Beautiful interface optimized for use in the dark
- Highly customizable settings
- Unlimited alarms
- Animated alarm clock character: Alarmi
- Switch from clock to timer by simply tapping the numbers
- Integrated Twitter: Share the wakeup energy with other Wake N Shakers

★ Featured in TUAW "Five apps for High School and College graduates" (June 2012)

★ Featured on Mashable, Life Hacker, MSNBC, TiPb, Gizmodo Brazil, and AppAdvice.

--> Also, try the Free companion app for Wake N Shake: Naps by Wake N Shake. The fastest way to create a power nap.

IMPORTANT: Please do not lock the screen. Simply place your iPhone face down while Wake N Shake is running and the screen will turn off (by using the proximity sensor). This way, Wake N Shake will work flawlessly. Alternatively, do not leave your iPhone on silent.
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