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POLITICO for iPad (View in iTunes)
Developer: POLITICO
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Download the POLITICO for iPad app today to get your politics fix. The clean, easy-to-navigate layout is ideal for staying up to date when you’re on the go. POLITICO serves as the one-stop shop for the fastest, most in-depth coverage of the president, Congress and the 2014 midterm elections, and 2016 presidential race. POLITICO’s journalists break news and drive conversation about the White House, Capitol Hill and Washington lobbying, plus the intersection of politics with Wall Street, media and personalities. POLITICO launched in January 2007 with the mission of covering politics with enterprise, style and impact.


■ Use the “Sections” button to navigate between several different POLITICO News, Blogs, Policy, Morning Tipsheets, Videos categories, and LIVE online content, as well as Photos, and user-Saved Articles. The More Info section contains a helpful FAQ, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and easy-to-use tell a friend and feedback email templates.

■ NEW POLITICO Magazine covers in-depth opinions and narratives.

■ NEW table of contents drawer in every section.

■ Article images with caption and credits can be viewed in full-screen mode, including up to 4x zooming, image sharing actions, and several supported gestures.

■ Article videos can also be viewed in full-screen mode. Video playback supports Apple's AirPlay technology.

■ Fully dynamic layout support in any view for any device orientation.

■ You can dynamically resize Article text so it's at your optimal reading size. Your desired setting is always remembered. To reset the size back to the original default value, use the user Settings app.

■ Article links to the source content on may be copied or shared with anyone via email, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also open them in Safari on your iPad.

■ Current support for 4 types of push notifications. Users can enable/disable each type individually in the user Settings app. The complete text of the last (unexpired) pushed notification is always downloaded for in-app viewing. When enabled, access the current notification by tapping the “Alert” button in the Sections menu.

■ POLITICO can dynamically deliver additional News, Blogs, or other feeds in the future, without requiring an app update. To get notified, make sure you have the “New App Features” notifications switch turned ON in the user Settings app for POLITICO.

■ POLITICO Article, Video, and Polls content changes several times, every day. The app will automatically check for changes several times every hour, and intelligently download only those changes that are different from the last downloaded content. If you want an immediate update, you can always use the pull-to-refresh mechanism built into every section list.

■ All downloaded non-video Article content is intelligently cached for offline reading when a network is not convenient. You can use the “AUTO UPDATE” flags in the Sections menu to control what and how much content we automatically download. Selecting a section that is not flagged for auto updating will download that section upon demand when a network connection is available, or view the last downloaded version of that content when offline.

■ Use built-in app settings in More Info section to: 
- Enable/disable different types of pushed (or pulled) alerts
- Reset the default Article font size setting
- Remove all user-Saved Articles at once
- Empty the cache of Article images, freeing up device memory usage
■ In the unlikely case of an app failure, reset all downloaded application files (doesn't affect cached images or user-Saved Articles)

■ Feedback is welcome and appreciated.  You can email us directly from within the app by going to the More Info section (or via the Action button from any article).

» Follow us on Twitter: @POLITICO
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