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Amen is a service for creating and sharing opinions about the extraordinary things in life. Take a stand about the best or worst people, places, things and ideas.

Your friends and followers agree with an emphatic, "Amen" or disagree with a, "Hell No!", then post their own response. Discussions are organized into lists so you can see how everyone’s opinions stack up.

Quotes about Amen:

"Definitive statements are the kinds of statements that relationships are built over." - Ashton Kutcher, Actor & Investor

"Amen's over-the-top statements spark passionate discussions about lighthearted topics. It's social, but it's also a game, and it makes for a fun, pocket-sized form of entertainment." - Read Write Web

"Amen is strangely addictive" - Michael Arrington, Uncrunched

"Amen's mobile service is tantalizingly simple" - TechCrunch

Amen is designed for iPhone and any device running iOS 4.3 or higher.
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