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Tap Messenger HD - FreeDragon
Tap Messenger HD - FreeDragon
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Tap Messenger HD - FreeDragon
Tap Messenger HD - FreeDragon (View in iTunes)
Developer: FreeDragon
Game Center: No
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Air MSN Messenger HD is an IM application which makes you be able to communicate with your MSN friends on iPad through API plug-in unit of MSN. You’ll have a more colorful life in this net growing period with this IM tool.

Advantages of iPad Version MSN: set sound on/off before you login. Immediate, exact and vivid receiving and sending of short message. Unique chatting interface, satisfying your vision needs. Friendly and simple option interface will provide you a quicker and more convenient operation.


Status: set default login status in login window. You can change your login status freely, status including free, busy, away, off-line.

Sound notification: open up the sound notification, you will know whether there is a reply, and you won’t have to keep an eye on you iPad all the time.

Save account: You can set login information be saved. You won’t have to type your account and password every time.

Add buddies: You can add buddy and select his or her group, of course you can refuse one's “add” request.

Remove Buddy: you can remove buddy if you want.

Buddy options: in the buddy list, you can view buddy information by clicking the arrow, you can change a buddy's group, too.

Send and receive Instant Messaging: vivid chatting interface, icon and text sending and receiving are available.

Change nickname: You can change nickname as you want.

Save chat logs: with this setting, you can save the chat logs with friend or cancel saving in order to protect your privacy.

Auto-login: you can set up auto-login mode or cancel it.

Switch: switching among sessions, you can chat with a lot of buddies at the same time.
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