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Parque infantil 1 - 12 juegos para niños de 2-6 años en 1 App
Parque infantil 1 - 12 juegos para niños de 2-6 años en 1 App
Jan Essig
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Parque infantil 1 - 12 juegos para niños de 2-6 años en 1 App
Parque infantil 1 - 12 juegos para niños de 2-6 años en 1 App (View in iTunes)
Developer: Jan Essig
Game Center: No
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It's a fantastic game collection with 12 different games for kids.

1.) SEARCH IMAGES: 15 pictures, each with 5 errors
2.) PAIRS / MATCH UP: 45 different motives
3.) PUZZLE: 30 Puzzlemotives
4.) DRAW [iPad only!]: 11 motives for coloring / 1 empty canvas / 18 colors / 3 Brush sizes / Paint bucket
5.) ERASE: 6 Scratch cards
6.) SLIDING PUZZLE: 6 Motives
7.) CATCH: Catch 5 animals of the same kind
8.) REMEMBER: Try to repeat a shown combination
9.) PIANO: 4 motives each with 8 animals (cats, frogs, cows, fish)
10.) COLLECT: Mama fish has to collect 5 stars for her Kids in 25 levels
11.) ROLL: Alternative to the "SLIDE" game for the little ones
12.) COLORS: Bubble Shooter with colored fishes

NO ADS / NO IAP "A nice and sturdy playground app, with lots of entertaining options. Carefully produced, available in 16 languages. WORTH THE PICK!!" "Forget about downloading multiple apps to ensure all your kid’s favorite games are on your iPad. Install one and be done with Playground HD, a collection of nine popular games, handpicked with the help of the developer’s own children. …" "Spielplatz HD ist unsere App der Woche und bekommt die höchste Bewertung von App­Gar­ten ver­lie­hen: 5+1 STARS."

More Reviews:

Together with my two children (4 + 2 years) we developed an App that contains their current favorite games. We have tried to make all games as clear and simple as possible. We have also tried to optimize those things we disliked in other games.

Even the most beautiful game becomes boring sometime. The following search for "another game" somewhere on the iPad always was quite nerve-wracking and frustrating for my kids (and me). Fortunately this is past. All games are clearly structured on the title screen so your children can quickly change the game without getting lost in the vastness of the iPad.

Besides my activities as a dad, I work as a freelance illustrator and game developer. Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions for improvement or your child have any motive wishes for the playground.

Thank you and have fun playing!


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