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Funbridge, your new bridge club on iPhone and iPad.

Already over 60 000 players and more than 110 000 deals played per day !

Funbridge is a bridge card game. It lets you play some deals and rank among hundreds of players having played the same deals in the same conditions (in fact, you play with 3 computers at the table, the same for everyone). You can replay the deals of other players (biddings and play of the hand), replay the deals, and follow the evolution of your scores live. Being compared to other players and being able to view everyone's play makes Funbridge an ideal tool to progress.

- New daily tournaments every 2 hours
- Ranking tournaments and unlimited training deals
- Ranking system dispatching players into series with evolution between the series
- Editing of your profile and consultation of others'
- Possibility of viewing the bidding again as well as every player's play of the hand !
- Per pairs and IMP notation tournaments
- Setting of your bidding conventions (North plays the same bidding system that the one you choose on your settings: strong 2, weak 2, American Standard (SAYC), Acol system or Polish system)
- Help for your biddings during the game by displaying, on each bidding at the table, the points and the assumed distribution of colors (range of the number of cards per color)
- Searching of players, following of players and friends requests
- Filter on the rankings to display only the players you follow and your friends, to compare with them.

Notice : the Funbridge application for iPhone and iPad needs an internet connection in order to run properly. Why ? Simply because the game engine (the AI playing bridge with you) is not included into the software. This enables us to provide you with a more powerful game engine, the ressources of the iPhone and iPad not being enough to run the game engine the best way available. Futhermore, this situation allows us to improve it without any need for you to update your application.
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