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Kevin McKinley
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myConsultant (View in iTunes)
Developer: Kevin McKinley
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$0.99 Vehicle Expenses
$0.99 Discount Calculator
$2.99 Tax lookup 1-year
$0.99 Tribal Pink
$0.99 Holiday Owl Theme
$0.99 Tribal Light Gray
$0.99 Tax lookup 90-days
$3.99 No Ads
$0.99 Tribal Purple
$0.99 Theme Hawaiian Lavender
The iPhone app designed with the Direct Sales Consultant in Mind. Impress your customers and
hostesses with how efficient and simple myConsultant makes the checkout process. It will make it
easier for you to focus on what really matters; your customers, hostesses and recruits.

Streamline your checkout process with the “Quick Calc” feature. No need for an extra Calculator
to add up each item, we've taken care of that for you. Calculates Shipping, Tax, Discounts and

Keep track of your tax deductible vehicle mileage and expenses with the “Vehicle Expense” Feature.
Easily enter in your odometer reading when you start your trip and again when you end. Or simply
enter the exact mileage if you already know it.

• Calculate customer orders with ease
• Built in calculator so no need to bring one to your party
• Set the shipping, tax and commission only once and it is saved until you need to change it
• Look up tax rates by zip code
• Apply discounts to one or all items
• Keep track of your vehicle mileage, tolls and parking fees for use during tax season
• Customize the look of the app multiple backgrounds to choose from

Many more feature are in the works that will make your direct sales life even easier. Like us at http:// and follow us at!/MyConsultantApp for up-
to-date progress.

Try this app out if you sell for Thirty One Gifts, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Tupperware, Premier Designs, Avon, Cookie Lee, Silpada, Lia Sophia, Visalus, Mancave, Melaleuca, Stella & Dot, MonaVie, PartyLite, Celebrating Homes, Close to My Heart, Home Interiors.
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