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Developer: SlippySoft Inc.
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Listo is the Friendly List app!

Listo helps you keep grocery lists, todo lists or shopping lists that are available whenever and wherever you need them. Listo uses iCloud to keep your lists instantly up-to-date on all your iOS devices.

Listo lists are simple, just like paper lists. You add items and you cross them off. And your lists are always there for you, on whatever device is handy. Completed items remain in your list, so you can un-cross them off to re-use them, or tap the clear icon in the list toolbar to remove all the completed items from your list.

• Cross off completed items by swiping. Completed items fly to the bottom. (or turn off this feature in Settings)
• Tap to edit items.
• Tap list titles to rename your lists.
• Uncompleted count appears next to each list name.
• Rearrange items.
• Clear completed items.
• Create shared or unshared lists. Shared lists appear on all your devices.
• Share and Unshare lists by tapping on the gear icon to access list settings.
• Beautiful interface - natural look and feel.
• Slick iPad split-screen interface extends the iPhone experience.
• Send lists by email or text message.
• Device tags for each item so you know who added it to the list.
• Excellent VoiceOver support means Listo is accessible to everyone.

Using iCloud:
Listo uses iCloud to share lists between your devices. In the Settings app, ensure all your devices are logged into the same iCloud account and that "Documents & Data" is ON.
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