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Valor™ HD
Quark Games, Inc.
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Valor™ HD
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Developer: Quark Games, Inc.
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It’s time to get serious about mayhem. You’ve had the rest, time to try out the best. Prepare yourself for the most advanced strategy game on iOS. Start with a castle. Build an army. Join a guild. Go forth and conquer. It sounds simple, but play it wrong and it’s all gone. Empire building ain’t easy.

Now, we’ve been told you folks want a list of features explaining what we’re all about. Studies say people don’t read more than 3 bullet points, so we’ll overkill it with 7:

* Massive worlds boasting thousands of players.
* Cross-Platform play. Teach those other nubs about life.
* High stakes player on player combat.
* Sophisticated medieval city simulation
* Real-time chat
* Numerous troop types with multiple research options
* Highly competitive environment

The choice is simple. Live with Valor, or live without.

TWITTER: @ValorTheGame


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