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Alarm® (View in iTunes)
Developer: Lifelike Apps, Inc
Game Center: No
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Alarm® is the ultimate alarm clock for iPad. Based on our original award winning Alarm Clock by Lifelike Apps, this new app goes even further in both realism and customization options. The screenshots speak for themselves!

- Gorgeous weather videos in the background match your current weather. It's like having a real window on the current weather conditions!
- Dozens of super realistic alarm clock designs ranging from retro to classic and modern

- Design and save your own alarm clock designs
- Use a virtually unlimited number of combinations of clock styles, background textures, button styles, frame styles and textures, etc.

- Unlimited, easy-to-set alarms
- Menu option that lets you override the iPad's auto-lock mode
- Several built-in alarm sounds
- Use one or multiple songs, podcasts, audiobooks in your iPod® music library as an alarm
- Repeat alarms on specific week days
- Big snooze buttons for those times when it's hard to aim

- Worldwide weather data from a leading meteorologist. No need for any other paid weather app to know what to wear today or whether to bring an umbrella.
- Automatic location detection: the app detects where you are and displays the weather accordingly
- Option to override the auto-location and enter your location manually by name or zip
- Memorize multiple weather locations so you can switch between them to check distant weather
- 5-day weather forecast with detailed morning, noon, evening and night info for the next 48h
- Worldwide weather and display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

- Bedside music player with full access to your iPod® music
- Shuffle your music

Please let us know what features you'd like to see and we'll do our best to include them in future updates!
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