Battle Nations
Battle Nations
Z2Live, Inc
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Battle Nations
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Developer: Z2Live, Inc
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$0.99 Vial of Nanopods
$4.99 Trunk of Nanopods
$9.99 Barrel of Nanopods
$1.99 Bucket of Nanopods
$19.99 Supply Crate of Nanopods
$49.99 Shipping Container of Nanopods
$4.99 Starter Pack
$99.99 Barge of Nanopods
Take command of the elite Imperial Army as you expand and secure the empire. Gather precious resources and build a thriving nation to power your machine of war. Train your troops and battle the attacking rebel forces for dominance of the land.

Battle Nations Features Include:
• Experience an epic storyline spanning over 270 missions
• Command dozens of unique troops and vehicles in strategic turn-based combat
• Queue up and battle other Battle Nations players from around the world
• Fight with Friends and invade their empire or help a friend in need and repel an attack

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Note: An Internet connection is required to play Battle Nations.
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