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The Merry Manor HD
The Merry Manor HD
AlphaWeb Plus LLP
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The Merry Manor HD
The Merry Manor HD (View in iTunes)
Developer: AlphaWeb Plus LLP
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$1.99 "18 crystals"
$4.99 "48 crystals"
$9.99 "100 crystals"
$1.99 "9 crystals"
$4.99 "24 crystals"
$9.99 "50 crystals"
$1.99 "10000 coins"
$1.99 "5000 coins"
$19.99 "210 crystals"
$19.99 "105 crystals"
Build your own merry manor with your own farm, grow fresh fruits and vegetables and what's most important, go through all sorts of fun adventures!

Your neighbours are Operator, a business cat, Oops Bunny, the owner of a local joint The Barn and Nostradramus, a restless scholar of a raccoon. They are always happy to help. Together you will find yourselves in many fun situations, tackle day-to-day challenges and build, build, build!

- A choice of 6 pets!
- 28 types of food processing factories!
- 11 charming farm animals!
- More than 100 attractive interiors for your mansion!
- 14 comfortable houses for your pet!
- 35 types of plants for your garden rows!
- 14 types of trees!
- 16 extensions for your plot!
- An engaging story plot and more than 100 fun adventures!

High quality graphics, bright colours and ideal sound will satisfy even the most demanding player!

You are offered whatever is required to create a unique and beautiful manor!

A transformation from a small farmer into a king isn’t easy, but you can do it!
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