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Developer: Wondershare Software Co., Ltd
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"it's awesome!and it's FREE! cannot believe that!"
--- Frank

"PowerCam™ definitely ranks in my top five photo app on iOS device, which provides adorable photos for you. "

"I have to say I was impressed with the color splash effect, I can do this in PS CS5 but it's cool to be able to do it right on my iPhone, with a live preview and selecting the colored are in advance. Going to try the tilt-shift effect next!"
--- Bobbyd

"i took a photo of myseft with this app and shared in facebook, in 2days i reached 47 likes."
---- Roo

It's all about … YOUR GREAT PHOTOS & VIDEOS!

The magic of professional photography right on your iPhone! Professionals apply their magic touches through hours and hours of post-capture effects using Photoshop. With PowerCam, the magic happens the moment you push the button.

PowerCam is a powerful yet fun photo and video app that sets your creativity free. Never take a boring picture or video again, use any of PowerCam’s effects like color splash, tilt-shift, vintage film, and others to create great looking pictures and videos with an excusive real-time preview that lets you see exactly what the final shot will really look like – before you shoot.

Instantly share with friends and family with convenient built-in sharing via Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and other popular sites.


PowerCam Superpowers:

•Improve the user experience of Tilt-Shift mode。

•Photo Collage allows easy, customizable options to merge several images into a single image.

•Feel the power of TRULY instant live filters. Magic mode (now, with face-tracking) lets you apply an array of filters and effects in full-on color for BOTH photos and video—no “simulated” previews here--a PowerCam Exclusive!

•Choose from more than 50 awesome effects and filters. Also on board: tilt-shift, to miniaturize objects and landscapes; splash of color to de-colorize objects around your focal point to make it pop, and tons of dynamic and static effects for any occasion.

•Share your latest creations instantly! PowerCam’s has built-in single or batch uploading for images and videos to Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, E-mail and other photo and video sharing sites.

•Select from scene modes; which automatically adjust exposure, lighting, and balance to match the shooting environment; letting you focus on getting the shot.

* Fool-proof self-portrait captures with exclusive FaceTimer – uses the FaceTime camera with face-tracking to snap the portrait with a count-down to the shot after the iPhone is steady.

•Get fantastic zoom performance – zoom in or out without sacrificing image quality. Works great with either the rear-camera or the FaceTime camera (if equipped).

•A fully loaded value. PowerCam does in one app what would take three or more other apps down the list combined to accomplish, save time and money and spectacular results!

Connect with Wondershare on Facebook or to report any problems with PowerCam or to share your ideas on how to make PowerCam even better. You also can send e-mail to
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