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NoteLedge Premium - Take Notes, Sketch, Audio and Video Recording
NoteLedge Premium - Take Notes, Sketch, Audio and Video Recording
Kdan Mobile Software LTD
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NoteLedge Premium - Take Notes, Sketch, Audio and Video Recording
NoteLedge Premium - Take Notes, Sketch, Audio and Video Recording (View in iTunes)
Developer: Kdan Mobile Software LTD
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$1.99 Smart Pen
$1.99 Vector Brush
$0.99 Marker
$1.99 Fabrics
$0.99 Rainbow Brush
$0.99 Classic Covers
$0.99 Calligraphy
$0.99 Travel
$0.99 Pattern
$1.99 Stamps
Simply the best, better than the rest!

NoteLedge hits Overall Top 100 in more than 10 countries including United States, Japan and Canada. What’s more, NoteLedge was featured as “New and Noteworthy” in the App Stores of Japan, Australia, and New Zealand after first week released.

Testimonies from the reviewers are the greatest endorsements of NoteLedge:
“The navigator is something I have not seen in any other application whatsoever.”- Randy Williamson, iPhone life Magazine

“Forget about those boring note taking apps for iPad. They may let you type or write, but we bet they don’t do half the stuff that NoteLedge does.”- Valerie Lauer, The iPhone App Review

NoteLedge is a robust note-taking application that combines handwriting, typing, audio and video recording all in one package. What makes NoteLedge stand out is its cutting-edge patented feature, “Navigator”, a gadget that provides you with the possibility to crop the selected contents in your own way and paste them anywhere within the notes. NoteLedge makes a perfect tool for making a scrapbook, composing a brief memo, keeping a daily diary, writing a travel journal, and recording brainstorming results.

Have you ever encountered a situation where you need to jot down something but lack a piece of paper and pen? Do you want to share your travelogue to families and friends as you travel? Do you need somewhere to keep your most delightful and precious memories? NoteLedge takes care of all that for you perfectly.

All the must-have great features:
The One and Only Patented “Navigator”
✏The Navigator allows you to crop and copy your texts, pictures and drawings in your own way and paste them wherever you like within the active area.
✏A collection of built-in stamps are available.
✏Create close-up writing and painting under magnifying mode.
✏Customize the contents with flexible cropping on photos and images.

Powerful Editing Tools:
✏Realistic handwriting and drawing experience.
✏A full set of stylus including a pencil, a crayon and three types of brushes.
✏Various fonts/colors/sizes are available for text typing.
✏Drag the text box anywhere within the note page to your liking.
✏Take notes and record at the same time. Add multiple video/audio recordings to create richer content.
✏Rest your palm while writing or drawing with a stylus.
✏Drag and drop audio/video files between pages

Customize Your Notes:
✏Choose among the blank, graph, ruled, or looseleaf note templates. You could also customize a template with your own photo.
✏Create your note covers with pictures from your photo library.
✏WOW others with your one-of-a-kind E-cards.
✏Support various photo filters including Lomo, Black and White, Gothic, Sharp Color, and more.
✏Enable/disable filter effects for customized templates
✏Apply different template to each page within a note

Keep Everything Organized:
✏Manage your notes under the calendar view.
✏File dates and sizes are provided.
✏Back up you notes, retrieve saved works, and fine-tune your masterpieces anytime and anywhere.
✏Use the file clone feature to create a copy of your files.
✏Password protection supported.

Share Your Life the Easy Way:
✏Facebook your notes/travel journals.
✏Share your ideas in meetings under slideshow mode.
✏Email your notes in either JPG or PDF format within a matter of seconds. NoteLedge also allows you to easily back up notes to a wide range of cloud storage sites including Dropbox, iDisk,, GoogleDocs, FTP and WebDAV.
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