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Shortcut Reader
Shortcut Reader
Shortcut Media AG
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Shortcut Reader
Shortcut Reader (View in iTunes)
Developer: Shortcut Media AG
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The media app kooaba Shortcut is literally a shortcut between real life and the internet: Take a picture of what you are reading in a newspaper or magazine and instantly get connected to the digital version. Now you can store, email or share it with others. No more typing links into your phone, googling for information or cutting out articles - Just take a picture! Shortcut also works with advertisements and billboards or any other image where you see the Shortcut icon.

How to use kooaba Shortcut:

1. Take a picture of a newspaper or magazine page, a billboard or an advertisement.
2. Shortcut recognizes the things in your picture and links you to a corresponding mobile page.
3. Here you can view and store the digital version of what you're reading.
4. You can also share it via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email and join the online discussion.
5. kooaba Shortcut works with newspapers and magazines worldwide.
6. It also works with all printed ads and billboards that have the Shortcut icon.

Try it on any of the nearly 1000 supported publications such as:

• The USA Today (US)
• The Washington Post (US)
• The New York Post (US)
• LA Times (US)
• Vancouver Sun (Canada)
• Toronto Star (Canada)
• Daily Mail (UK)
• The Independent (UK)
• The Daily Telegraph (UK)
• Le Monde (France)
• La Tribune (France)
• Neue Zuercher Zeitung (CH)
• Basler Zeitung (CH)
• The Australian (Australia)
• Herald Sun (Australia)
• Mainichi RT (Japan)
• International Herald Tribune

See the entire list on our website ( or in the app.

Join Shortcut today: Keep up the feeling of reading a good old newspaper and at the same time use all the benefits of online media thanks to our cutting edge image recognition technology.
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