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PDF Forms - Fill, Sign and Annotate PDF Forms and Documents
PDF Forms - Fill, Sign and Annotate PDF Forms and Documents
Darsoft Inc.
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PDF Forms - Fill, Sign and Annotate PDF Forms and Documents
PDF Forms - Fill, Sign and Annotate PDF Forms and Documents (View in iTunes)
Developer: Darsoft Inc.
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★★ Retina Display Quality Interface ★★ PDF Forms is a powerful software tool for work with PDF documents and forms which allows commenting on ready PDF documents, filling forms, signing legal documents such as contracts or notices and sharing processed PDF documents via email or Dropbox.

You can work with PDF documents received by email or via iTunes file sharing, loaded from Dropbox folders and opened from any application which generates PDF files such as PDF PROvider.

Any document can be used as a template for multiple usage. Just create a copy of the document in the File Manager using Duplicate option or save the document which you are editing with another name.

PDF Forms makes it easy to sign different documents – just save a copy of your signature for using it later in PDF documents. Saved signature can be resized and placed in the required area of any PDF form or contract by couple of taps.

With the PDF Forms you can fill out any kind of PDF forms. Open a form and add text where required. Moreover, this way you can mark or comment any area in already filled documents.

PDF Forms provides capability to change pages order and split filled documents so you can create a new file from the previously generated forms and send back only what was already processed. Any document can be uploaded to Dropbox right from the application or simply sent via e-mail.

With PDF Forms you can:
• Get PDF documents from any application using Open In, from iTunes or Dropbox folders
• Manage PDF documents using folders
• Sign legal documents (contracts, notices, etc.)
• Fill out various forms
• Mark and comment any text or image in any PDF document
• Split any PDF documents into separate PDF files
• Share ready PDFs via e-mail or Dropbox

Read more about PDF Forms and download the PDF manual at
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