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Onde está o Wally? HD - em Hollywood
Onde está o Wally? HD - em Hollywood (View in iTunes)
Developer: Ludia
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Vogue Australia arrives on the iPad!

The ultimate fashion title becomes the ultimate fashion app.

Vogue Australia continues to set the benchmark with the launch of its first iPad app. Combining interactive magazine technology with editorial authority, the Vogue Australia app will captivate users, transporting them into a world of luxury and style.

Providing users with a total experience, the Vogue Australia app offers a snapshot of exquisite fashion, celebrity interviews, exotic travel destinations, behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive content, all of which possess the elegance and integrity expected of this global brand.

The Vogue Australia iPad app is now available to download.

Be transported by the beauty and drama of Vogue Australia’s first iPad app by downloading it free for a limited time.