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COUPIES Coupons & Gutscheine
COUPIES Coupons & Gutscheine
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COUPIES Coupons & Gutscheine
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REQUIRES the Wahoo Fitness Sensor Key or Wahoo Fitness Bike Case, enabled by ANT+ technology, and compatible fitness sensor. Visit for more information on compatible sensors and more information.

The Wahoo Utility allows you to view a complete list of apps that support the Wahoo Fitness hardware system while also allowing you to troubleshoot and test your Wahoo Fitness hardware and sensors. With new App developers supporting the Wahoo Fitness system every day the Wahoo Utility will allow you to find the right app for you.

The Wahoo Utility checks the connectivity between your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and any compatible wireless fitness sensor, including heart rate straps, stride sensor, bike speed/cadence sensor and bike power meters.

Wahoo Fitness

The Wahoo Fitness Sensor Key and Case provides a simple way for your wireless fitness sensors to talk to your iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod Touch. What this means is that you can get all of your workout data in real-time, on your favorite Apps, for less cost than it would be to buy dedicated sensors.

Wahoo Fitness interprets data from a host of exercise sensors that transmit data using the ANT+ wireless standard. So, by using Wahoo Fitness with a stride sensor and heart rate strap, for instance, you can get accurate speed, calorie and heart rate information, whether you’re running outside in the forest or indoors on a treadmill. Now your phone, music, GPS data and exercise information are all in one place – it couldn’t be more simple.

Wahoo Fitness has 3 key features:

•It eliminates the need for separate display devices for the sensors such as watches or bike mounted computers which can be expensive and have limited display capabilities and probably don't incorporate the features of your iPhone - GPS, accelerometers, music, internet access, etc.

•Wahoo Fitness is not built around proprietary software and is available to any fitness App that wants to incorporate real-time fitness data for a higher degree of accuracy and functionality. The benefit of this is that it allows you to choose which fitness App best suits your preferences for displaying, storing, analyzing and transferring your workout information – many of the most popular fitness Apps are currently incorporating information from Wahoo Fitness into their programs with more joining the Wahoo Fitness team continually. So, regardless of your sport or level of expertise, you will always be able to find the App that best suits your needs.

•It simplifies your workout. Wahoo Fitness can read data from several different sensors at once so even though your iPhone or iPod Touch is acting like your mp3 player, your phone and your GPS location finder, it is also more than capable of displaying your workout data better than can be displayed on separate display devices

Visit for more information on Wahoo Fitness and compatibility with ANT+ sensors.

NOTE: The latest update has fixed several reports of the app crashing when testing Speed and Cadence. Thanks :-)
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