SpotSearch for Spotify (Premium)
SpotSearch for Spotify (Premium)
ThunApps AB
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SpotSearch for Spotify (Premium)
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Developer: ThunApps AB
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SpotSearch enables you to find the music you've heard on the radio or elsewhere but don't know the title to.

All you need to know is a part of the lyrics.

Enter the lyrics into the search box, press "Search" and you'll instantly get links to either Spotify, Youtube or iTunes.

An excellent complement to apps like Shazaam if you are in a noisy environment or just don't know the tune.

Send me an email instead of writing a bad review. Then I can get more information and resolve the issue.

NOTE: You will need to have Spotify installed on your iPhone or iPad to get the most out of this program. But without Spotify you can still use the Youtube or the iTunes features.
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