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Formigas GmbH
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EuroMilhões (View in iTunes)
Developer: Formigas GmbH
Game Center: No
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★★ "The EuroMillions! app is very easy to use and user friendly." ( ★★

Always stay up to date about all things EuroMillions! You won't have to compare draw numbers ever again! Don't miss any high jackpot!

The clever app for clever EuroMillions players:

✓ Easy and intuitive usage
✓ Current jackpot and draw always at a glance
✓ Add your tickets in a fast and clear way. Find out anytime, anywhere whether and how much you have won.
✓ Notifications after draws and prize breakdown publications always keep you up to date.
✓ With an easy shake you can generate random numbers, which are supported by current draw statistics.
✓ Give your favorite tickets a name and re-add them repeatedly without having to enter all the information again.
✓ E-mail tickets to other members of your EuroMillions syndicate. Tickets can be imported directly from an e-mail into the app!
✓ Jackpot-alarm: Get a notification when the jackpot reaches your desired amount
✓ For the statistics fans: Statistics of your own participations and results can be viewed. General EuroMillions-statistics, such as how long a number was not drawn, are available, too.
✓ Your spending and gains are always clearly visible. Now you'll know if it's woth playing.
✓ All draws ever made and all their prize breakdowns are available.

Normal and system (more than 5 numbers or 2 stars) bets are supported.

*** Attention: Tickets added in the app don't really participate at the draws! They still have to be registered at some official location! ***

"Euromillons" is a registered trademark of "Services aux Loteries en Europe". We don't have any relations to the trademark holder.
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