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Sudoku Magic gratis
Sudoku Magic gratis Ltd.
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Sudoku Magic gratis
Sudoku Magic gratis (View in iTunes)
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This is the free edition of the Sudoku App everyone is talking about!
“a very cool new app” Robert Scoble
“The best Sudoku app available on the App Store today” Sudoku Geek

With Sudoku Magic, you can capture any Sudoku puzzle - from a newspaper, a magazine, even from your computer screen- just by taking a photo with your iPhone’s Camera.
But this is more than just a cool app to impress your friends with! Sudoku Magic also provides a unique playing interface to create, play and solve an unlimited number of Sudokus.

★ Captures almost any Sudoku from newspapers, magazines or even your computer screen!
★ Captured puzzles are stored in the puzzle library automatically, so you don't need to keep the newspaper!
★ Our advanced rating algorithm will automatically rank the puzzle difficulty.

★ Pencil markings can be added to map out possibilities.
★ Optional highlighting of mistakes.
★ Solve and single-cell Hint buttons for when you get stuck or frustrated.

★ Captured puzzles are automatically stored in the library by level of difficulty.
★ Puzzles can be tagged when you capture them so you remember where they came from.

★ Sudoku Magic generates unlimited new puzzles, so you'll never run out!
★ No Internet connection is required, it is all done in the iPhone!
★ Sudoku Magic pauses your puzzle when you receive a call and lets you resume as soon as you're done chatting.
★ Need a break? Puzzles are saved when you close the app, so you can continue later.

Enjoy Sudoku Magic every day and become a Sudoku expert with our unlimited puzzles!
Have fun and impress your friends with the unique camera capture!

>>>>> Get it now! <<<<<
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