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GPS Navigation + Blitzer (skobbler Navi und Blitzerwarner)
GPS Navigation + Blitzer (skobbler Navi und Blitzerwarner) (View in iTunes)
Developer: skobbler GmbH
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
€5.00 Kartenzugang - Europa
€2.00 Kartenzugang - Deutschland
€9.00 Kartenzugang - Alle Karten
€7.00 Blitzer-Sorglos-Paket
€3.00 Der kleine Nils
€3.00 Buddy Ogün
€2.00 Kartenzugang - Niederlande
€3.00 Mozart (Buddy Ogün)
€2.00 Kartenzugang - Österreich
€2.00 Kartenzugang - USA
Choose whichever colors you want—from a palette of colors—for your calendars and their events.

★ Manage calendars at the same time (edit names, create or delete local or iCloud calendars).
★ Supports all calendars added onto the device, including iCloud, Exchange, Google, Outlook, iCal, CalDAV. (.ics is excluded for now.)
★ Colors will be updated on your built-in Calendar app and most other third party apps that sync with the built-in Calendar app.

Please note: This app is not a calendar. It assigns colors to calendars, and all events within one calendar will share the same color. Use this app to create and color code different calendars for different areas of your life, then use the built-in calendar app to assign events to the color-coded calendars.