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Zattoo Live TV - Sport, News, Movies, Serien - gratis Fernsehen.
Zattoo Live TV - Sport, News, Movies, Serien - gratis Fernsehen. (View in iTunes)
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CHF8.00 1 Monat Laufzeit
CHF8.00 Zattoo HiQ
CHF20.00 3 Monate Laufzeit
CHF65.00 Zattoo HiQ
CHF65.00 12 Monate Laufzeit
CHF20.00 Zattoo HiQ
CHF4.00 Zattoo HiQ
CHF5.00 1 Monat Laufzeit
CHF6.00 Zattoo HiQ
CHF33.00 Zattoo HiQ
Kids' Paint Pad is a great app for anyone having kids. Kids will not only be entertained but they will be occupied, and as any parents knows having their child occupied and being creative at the same time is fantastic both for the child and for the parent!

With 5 different colors and a couple different brush sizes anyone can spray paint on the virtual wall that is given in Kids' Paint Pad. Go ahead, create a masterpiece of iPad art, all of your masterpieces will be saved into your devices photo library.

Kids' Paint Pad is a great and fun application that lets your spray paint your heart away at any time of the day. It is just that simple to open up Kids' Paint Pad and start spraying. Have fun and enjoy Kids' Paint Pad.