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CHF22.00 Full Options Pack
CHF9.00 Automatic Sails
CHF6.00 Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale
CHF6.00 Auto Pilot on Wind
CHF6.00 Programmable Pilot
CHF6.00 Waypoints
CHF1.00 Race
CHF2.00 Automatic Sails
CHF4.00 Pro Sails
CHF5.00 Programmable Pilot
With more than 1 million players, Virtual Regatta is the biggest sailing community in the world. The iPhone/ iOS Virtual Regatta application allows you to access your Virtual Regatta account for free, where you can check your boats’ position/speed/etc. at no charge!

Choose to upgrade and interact with your boats’ heading/sails/etc. available as a one-off payment per race or simply connect from a computer at no cost.

Options bought from the web or mobile are automatically available on both (in other words, you only pay once).
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