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Bonial HD - Promos et Catalogues dans votre ville
Bonial HD - Promos et Catalogues dans votre ville (View in iTunes)
Developer: Bonial International GmbH
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Romantic Compass is a causal style game for all kind of players.

If you want to guess what your lover think about you or share the sense of romance, try this game. It is a divination gadget and may bring big surprise to you.

There are different romantic themes inside of the game and could give the play the wonderful felling of romance.

This gadget can automatically reorient the game UI layout along with device orientation change.

The player can easily swipe the screen to spin gadget or to change the theme as well as shake the device or click the "Next" button to switch the theme.

Player also can share his/her game playing result with friends on Facebook by clicking the “Share” button on title bar